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Both Sides of the Coin

The Mystery of Edwin Drood Community
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The Mystery of Edwin Drood Community, is a community for thoughts, discussions, reviews, debates, etc., etc., etc. on the Charles Dicken's novel, the Rupert Holmes' musical (sometimes called Drood), and the 1935 film.

Some basic rules:

1. Everyone must be polite and, preferably, refrain from excessive use of profanities

2. When discussing, please be aware that you might give away spoilers to other members, if your post is about or references major points in the plot, please LJ-cut them and give warnings.

3. Any entry that might be excessively long--essays, pictures, videos, etc., etc., etc.,--must be placed behind an LJ-cut

4. Links to different sites and communities are welcomed as long as they pertain to our community's topic

5. Since there are themes in the story that maybe offensive (racism, drug use, violence, lust) I ask that everyone displays a mature and open mind and refrain from any type of bigotry or intolerance.

Please follow these rules carefully, any breaking of these rules—especially number 5—will result in the immediate expulsion from this community
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