Ren Aleria (ren_aleria) wrote in mysteryofdrood,
Ren Aleria

To Get the Ball Rolling

Two Kinsmen sung by original cast members: the incomparable Howard McGillin (John Jaspers) and Betty Buckley (Edwin Drood)

A rather marvolous version of No Good Can Come from Bad performed by a high school production

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La! That's very cool; the last time (kind of a while ago) I did a Drood search on Youtube, all I found was the television advertisement (we take what we can get and, therefore, I was thrilled); but this is considerably better!

How appropriately rumpled Jasper is. There's such a lack of photographs of this show, it drives me mad; it seems there are five all together.

If only someone would put up a video of "The Name of Love" or "A Man Could Go Quite Mad"; they're so ridiculously over the top. That'd be splendid.
There is a clip of "Name of Love" from a student production, its not half-bad, but it's not complete =(

Personally I'd love to see "Rosa's Confession," preferably with Cohenour ^__^
I mostly would want to see the original company; the cast is a considerable reason as to why I love that show.

I could go for Cohenour's "Confession," too; she's splendid and the recording sounds like it must have been something, indeed. I wonder if she performed it often; Rosa never strikes me as a possible murderess, even if she has the best confessional number.
I knoooooow!!! McGillin especially, and of course Buckley, but Jaspers is such a great character with some of the best numbers and moments. Though really Rosa gets the two greatest songs, "Moonfall" despite all its under-lining creepiness is positively the most beautiful ballad, ever. But I always thought of Rosa a likely murderess and her confession explains it perfectly--especially her line about everyone letting Jaspers drive her mad.
darn. i just discovered this group and was all excited to finally see a clip from the show with its brilliant original cast and... it's been deleted :(

so, erm.. how was the clip? bloody brilliant, i bet