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Edwin Drood opens in Ventura County, CA September 14th

(Click on the piccie to make it bigger!)

Thanks to the poster who posted about the Sacred Fools reminded me to plug the production I'm in! :) I am hoping to make it to a Fools' performance, but not sure if I can due to an impending tech week and subsequent conflicting shows.

In the Simi Valley production of "Drood," I'm sharing the roles of Edwin Drood and Princess Puffer with another actress, i.e. on the nights when I play Drood, she's Puffer, and vice versa. As if the show wasn't confusing enough to learn when you're only playing one character! I'm loving the challenge, though, and our show will be a fun little community theatre adventure for those willing to make the trek to Simi Valley.

Our production also includes the songs "A British Subject" instead of "Ceylon," and "A Private Investigation" instead of "Settling Up the Score," for the curious!

The theatre's website can be found at
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